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Pet Independence Doors

Pet Independence sells replacement doors that feature integrated pet door mechanisms, which have many advantages over typical pet doors.

Our doors are the best, most cost effective solution for anyone with a door leading to the outside.

Customized: We can install doors in any spot for which a typical dog door would not work. Our solution is ideal for people with French doors, glass doors or other unique setups.

Custom Design: There are multiple options to select from so the door you choose would mesh perfectly with your individual décor and style.

Pet Door: We use only the two highest quality dog doors.  For a manual door, we offer the Endura Flap and Hale Pet Door.  For an electronic door, we offer the High Tech Pet.

Material Used: We primarily use the highest quality fiberglass doors because they do not warp, dent or rust and they have the best durability.

Good for renters or people who plan to move: You keep your original door to re-hang if you move. You can also take the new door with you to use in your new home.

Custom sized for your pet: Our doors are custom made, which allows us to place the pet door at the perfect height for your pet. This eliminates unnecessary stress on pets as they go in and out. And yes, we measure your pet before we make the door!

Social Commitment:  Pet Independence participates with Hale Pet Door in their Rescue Rewards program, which provides a 10% discount on your Hale Pet Door and an additional 10% donation to the shelter or rescue organization where you adopted your pet.